Sustainable Plasters


Sustainable House Renovation

My team and I have renovated a stone house 1000 years old in Ibiza and transformed it into a modern, sustainable, toxic-free villa. In my sustainable house renovation projects I use lime as the main material, or lime & hemp.

This ensures a natural thermal insulation, a living environment free from plastic paint & concrete toxins and an excellent durability over time. If you think of Rome and its ancient historic buildings – from the Aqueduct to the Colosseum – they were all built with lime (and stones).

I like to do the research to source the natural construction materials as locally as possible, to give you a top quality product, with low impact on the environment and at less cost for you.


Lime plaster in a renovated client’s bathroom

Natural Lime Plasters

Our plasters are made of natural lime, leaving the walls breathable. This results in an increased natural insulation of the house with significant increase in living comfort and savings in heating/cooling costs.

Lime is a sustainable & low impact material part of nature cycle. It is produced by cooking limestone at high temperature. Then there is the cooling off (or resting) time.

There are different options to execute the plaster, even though the most popular one consists of 3 phases (rinzaffo, plaster & finishing).

There are three major advantages in choosing lime plasters over concrete ones.

  1. Breathability. Unlike concrete, humidity does not get stuck in the walls avoiding the formation of unhealthy fungus. Putty lime finishing keeps the temperature of the house better regulated and healthier walls.
  2. Natural lime plasters are toxic-free. They only involve natural materials, such as sand and gravel. Moreover, we source raw materials as locally as possible to reduce the impact on the environment of the construction.
  3. Natural lime plasters do not need extra maintenance. Regular concrete plasters are likely to start falling apart as little as 2 years after the construction/renovation time. Call in for maintenance of the plasters is a cost that weighs on the house owner. On the contrary, natural lime plasters are build to last.

“Sourcing local produce & re-using discarded material are two of the permaculture principles I’m very fond of.”



Our natural lime supplier

Nowadays on the market it is easy to find all sort of “ready made” lime, which is high in price and low in quality. Thanks to almost 10 years of research & experiments, we were able to reproduce the ancient knowledge  of lime work as in Ancient Roman Buildings. We use superior quality raw materials and we mix it in-house. We use NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime) and putty lime, both certified under European Norms of Safety for Construction Products (UNE EN 459-1: 2011).

We have selected a few traditional lime suppliers. They are family run Spanish companies producing lime since 1945.



Our Sustainable Architecture House Renovation company is called MCM Flor de Cal