Barefoot Lime Floor


Our natural lime floor is made with high quality NHL (Natural Hydraulic Lime).

We are committed to support & grow a new kind of economy based on artisanal quality and local sourcing of  natural construction materials.

Choosing to work with superior quality & locally sourced raw natural materials give us the ability to adapt to whatever surface/status we find in a customer’s house.

Based on the current house status, its orientation and other environmental factors, we can offer ad hoc made solutions in order to guarantee the best final result as for beauty, functionality & user comfort.


Color samples of barefoot lime floor for interiors (it can also be done as plaster)


Types of Floor

We offer 3 categories of Barefoot Lime Floor. Each floor realisation process is unique – as each house is unique. We are able to realise many options depending on client’s needs and environmental constraints & opportunities.

  1. Floors for Exteriors. Apt for big surfaces like swimming pool surroundings, garden trails, terraces, outside eating areas. It has a rustic & natural look. Recommended for sunny & hot climates, as lime does not capture heat the way concrete does, so you can run barefoot on the floor without burning your feet!
  2. Floors for Interiors. The combination of colors & finishing for this type of floor are endless – only natural & mineral pigments are used. One of most popular finishing is the marmorino effect, which resembles marble. The marmorino finishing can be done for floors & walls alike, as shown in the bathroom of the picture below.
  3. Heated Natural Floors. Still under trial, we may be able to offer soon a natural lime floor combined with  hot pipes heating system for in-house spaces.


Natural lime marmorino finishing (different colors available)


A New Lifestyle Concept

The comfort of the Barefoot Lime Floor invites people & families to implement Ground Living.

Ground Living (sitting and/or sleeping on the floor) has been shown to have many health benefits for maintaining a well functioning & flexible body. In other cultures (African, South-American-Asian), squatting and/or engaging in a number of activities on the floor is the norm. In the West we are used to sofas, chairs & soft beds, at the expenses of our bones & joints health.

Beyond the cultural habit, one of the biggest technical obstacles to spending more time at ground level is that the floor is cold. This won’t happen on a Barefoot Lime Floor, especially the heated version recommended for humid climates.

The Barefoot Lime Floor has an outstanding temperature regulation property – it will never get too cold nor too hot – and it offers natural materials at skin contact. 

Natural lime floor at a client’s renovated house in Ibiza


Do you know why I started calling it Barefoot Floor?

I want you to step on a floor of tiles or concrete in the hours of full sun with no shoes.

How is it? Burning? Most of you had had this experience before…

Now, try to step barefoot on a natural lime floor, in summer, in the hours of full sun… – I know it’s difficult to do, as practically no modern house nor building offers a lime floor…

But my clients and I can tell you: it’s comfortable & pleasurable!

I have researched & tried out different natural lime floor formulas – for exterior, interiors, bathrooms, kitchens – for anything really. The formula (therefore the result) is different depending on the singular characteristics of the building where it has to be installed (i.e. humidity percentage, exposure, surface extension, etc.).

Get in touch with me to see some pictures of my projects – you find my contacts below.

If you are in Ibiza, drop by my house and see some samples for real. 

Another example of a realisation of the natural lime floor



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